We have also finished AKC Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion and Master Hunter dogs. Coat. A fella named Mortimer Smith reinvigorated the breed and brought back the Field Spaniel's functional good looks. Josie (2018 Judd x LadyBug) is on the slighter/smaller end of the breed standard, but comes from a long line of versatile Weimaraners. They Are Great At Canine Sports. Duke Karl August crossed Bloodhounds with various German and French hunting dogs, like the German Shorthaired Pointer, to develop the Weimaraner. The first breeding Weimaraners were imported into the United States in 1938 and the breed gained AKC recognition in 1943. Tails are docked, dewclaws are removed, and they also come de-wormed and with their first shots. Good with other Dogs: With Supervision. Weimaraner History. They are eager to please the handler, though can often be somewhat dominant. General Appearance A medium-sized gray dog, with fine aristocratic features. We are the same Hanson Weimaraners that was in Ramona, (San Diego California). We have always loved the English-bred Weimaraner, and while the US bred Weimaraner has added a certain elegance and 'showiness' in our breed, we strongly believe that soundness and hunting ability is fundamental in a Weimaraner. North American field-bred Weimaraners tend to be smaller than their show-bred compatriots. Take a firm, consistent approach. If you plan to hunt with your Weimaraner and you're ready for a new puppy, we'd love to talk to you. Males: 59 70 cm Females: 57 65 cm. Field Events. . Weimaraner Breed Info & Background. The Sindar Weimaraner kennel bred the Weimaraners to the highest ethical standard as regulated by the WCA. Above all, the dogs conformation must indicate the ability to work with great speed and endurance in the field. Having bred a modest 16 litters in 38 years, we believe the old adage of 'quality rather than quantity', is paramount. Shedding: Moderate. It was bred with the intention of creating the perfect hunting dog. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. 4. We have been breeding our weimaraners in southern California since 1985. He should present a picture of grace, speed, stamina, alertness and balance. The Weimaraner breed description used today, was published by the AKC in 1971, after much debate about disqualifying a distinctly blue or black coat on Weimaraners. Field events were developed to test hunting dogs in the activity that they were originally bred to do. We also have thirteen dogs in the WCA Tracking Hall of Fame. We have plenty of opportunities to get involved in your local community, thanks to AKC Breed Clubs located in every state, and more than 450 AKC Rescue Network groups across the country. The Weimaraner Club of America was established in 1943 and is the official AKC Parent Club representing the Weimaraner in the U.S. Above all, the dogs conformation must indicate the ability to work with great speed and endurance in the field. Weimaraners can be substantial dogs, among the biggest of the Continental breeds. On average, a Weimaraner will need 90 minutes of exercise each day. While outside, the dog should be kept in an enclosed field, so as not to wander off. Our dogs are All-Breed competitive as most of their wins are from All-Breed competition! Weimaraner Puppy FOR SALE near Greensburg, Kentucky, USA. It should come as no surprise that a dog who is bred to chase animals enjoys exercise. It is a relatively large dog that began in the early 19th century. Early on they were favored by royalty. The origin of the Weimaraner breed dates all the way to early 19th century Germany. We know these dark colored beauties as Blue Weimaraners. Puppies will be raised by Stacy and Gene Yochum in Phoenix, Arizona. PRESERVATION BREEDER: Sindar Weimaraners. Gender: Female. Activity: The Weimaraner needs long walks and prefers to work at field sports. bred our weimaraners for temperament, size, conformation, and a family companion. The Sindar Weimaraner kennel places its highest priority in selecting excellent temperament and genetic diversity in its breeding program. Jonah x Josie Litter. City life is not recommended for this breed. Though there are still some working bloodline lines in Europe. They love to chew, and that makes The Weimaraner is social in nature and should be kept indoors; however, it should be taken out for daily outdoor activities. By the 1970s, the Weimaraner was quickly becoming yet another breed of gundog transformed from hunter of game to hunter of blue ribbons. If it were not for a small, dedicated group of field trialers and hunters, Weimaraners could have faded completely from the field, forest, and waters of North America. We are hobby enthusiasts, which means we are not a business nor commercial breeders. The high-energy Weimaraner, bred to hunt all day, needs an athletic owner who can meet his demanding exercise needs: running, biking, hiking, jogging, field work. We focus on decades proven, healthy, true to origination of the breed bloodlines. Age: Baby on PuppyFinder.com. Josie will be bred to a versatile Weimaraner this winter. This breed is very intelligent, so learns easily. In the 21st century, this breed is more likely to be kept as a family pet than a gun dog. Telephone: 1-810-358-0099. Like most dog breeds, it was originally bred for hunting. Originally bred to be a sportsman's companion, the Weimaraneror Weir, for shortis a versatile dog breed that is happy on the hunt but loves to be part of your home life. Well-built and solid, these dogs epitomize grace and strength. Register Log In Texas Hunting Forum Forums Gun Dogs Field bred Weimaraner pups: Forums Calendar Active Threads Forum Help Both Smooth Haired Weimaraner and Field Spaniel has same life span. The kennel is a member of the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) and adheres to its code of ethics. Being a very active breed, Weimaraners get more than their share of accidental cuts, scrapes, sprains, and pulls. A versatile hunting dog aids the hunter in all aspects of game management both before and after the shot. This should be high The Weimaraner Club Of America. Member of the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) and adheres to WCA Code of Ethics. Preliminary breeding plans are underway in Arizona for 2021. The Weimaraner is also known as the Raner. The Weimaraner Breed Standard. As of Jan, 2019 we are now located in beautiful Sheridan Oregon, and we are resuming all activities at our new facility. The aristocrats in the Weimar Courtwhat it was once referred tohunted for both luxury and sport. In 1897, the breed was officially recognized and the German Weimaraner Club was formed. Grooming: 2. ADN-05265430309 Too much confinement leads to hyperactivity and destructiveness, as does being left alone too much. Most Weimaraners have a short, silver-grey coat and cropped tail. Good with Children: Good With Children. Smooth Haired Weimaraner may weigh 15 kg / 34 pounds more than Field Spaniel. Smooth Haired Weimaraner may grow 24 cm / 10 inches higher than Field Spaniel. Alternatively, if you're just looking for a pet puppy, please don't inquire with Weimaraners bred to the highest ethical standards. Our Weimaraner Club of America Titles and Wins include: HOF (Hall of Fame), WCA/AKC Walking National Field Champion 2021, National Field Championship Placements and Regional Smooth Haired Weimaraner is originated from Germany but Field Spaniel is originated from United Kingdom. Hanson Weimaraners is a division of Sun Colors Ranch LLC. Developed in Germany in the early 1800s, the Weimaraner dog breed is considered to be quite a young and new breed on the scene. Sporting Group. Health tested for hips (PennHip or OFA), eyes (OFA), thyroid (OFA), and other genetic disorders (DNA tested for Hyperuricosuria, Hypomyelination, and Spinal Dysraphism). Proud home of the the only Weimaraners in the history of the breed to earn Triple (Ruby) and Quintuple Championships ('Diesel) as well as the #1 Lifetime Agility and most MACHd Weimaraner (Strider), plus the #1 AND #2 Lifetime Obedience Weimaraners(Ripley and her sire, Diesel'). Touchstone Weimaraner puppies are home raised, socialized, started on crate training and potty training, and exposed to birds. Trainability: Eager to Please. We breed for quality, breed preservation and we are just w eimaraner enthusiast. The Weimaraner was highly prized by the Germans and highly sought after by Bavarian sportsmen. The Versa Weimaraner kennel was founded in 2008, and they produce and show quality Weimaraners, focusing on conformation, temperament, versatility, field ability, and structural soundness. They are members of the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) and strictly adhere to their standards. Email: Click here to send us a message. The Trax Weimaraner breeding program is a North America wide network of like-minded competitors and breeders that collaborate under the guidance of head coach Shirley Nilsson in striving to produce and acquire confident, healthy pups with sound temperaments, good conformation, genetic diversity, natural field ability and great aptitude for success in Weimaraners were originally bred to be versatile hunting dogs.